As a part of the Shared Campus cooperation platform, the theme group Pop Cultures is establishing a research network dedicated to the study of global pop cultures. We bring together researchers from a wide range of disciplines and regions to share and dialogically advance their knowledge. Our aim is to explore and discuss the globalization of pop cultures from a transcultural perspective (Europe and Asia), considering commonalities as well as spatial and historical idiosyncrasies. The uniqueness of the research network resides in the focus on art universities and thus in forms of research close to or interwoven with artistic practices ("practiced-based research", "artistic research"). Our group organizes international conferences such as Global Pop Cultures. Moving Beyond the High-Low, East-West Divide (2019, Kyoto SEIKA university) or online lecture series such as Self-Imaging: Identity, Disruption, Transformation (2020, Shared Campus website).Moreover, we will be launching the Journal of Global Pop Cultures in 2021 (online, peer-reviewed, open access). The journal will release calls for papers annually and publish selected peer-reviewed submissions in thematic editions (multimedia, conventional academic research and artistic research) as well as conference proceedings.