In this section, we look at different aspects of staging, mainly related to event culture, from pop music and club events via performance art through to political protests. Self-staging plays a major role in these fields, not only for those on stage who intend to create a certain image or convey a specific message, but also for the audience or participants. As “actors” on a dancefloor or as selfie shooters on social media, the audience is always “part of it”. At the same time, we explore recent developments such as changes in “staging the self” through the streaming of music and the ultimate victory of earphones, or why an artist creates a virtual Instagram persona to explore the relationship between social media and reality. Finally, we will organize a live event where a dissemination platform turns into a collaborative stage and transcends the boundary between audience and presenter.

Curated by Daniel Späti, Chair Project Team Shared Campus, Designer & Promoter of Cultural Events, Zürich.

29.10.2020 Online Lectures

NO I SELF – Betty Apple's Transcoding Game of Ideology | by Betty Apple, Performing Artist, Taipei

Where are the Stages? | by Björn Beneditz, Deichkind, Hamburg

On Music Streaming: The Consumer as a Spectre of the Romantic Artist Self | by Tobi Müller, Author, Berlin

Blocking the Void and Filling the Bridges – On the Staging of Conflict and Activist Selves in Contemporary Protest Cultures | by Jorinde Schulz, Author & Activist, Berlin

Resemblage. How Virtual Reality is Progressively Deconstructing the Self in the Art of a Fabricated Instagram Persona, David Nobody | by David Henry Brown Jr., Artist, New York

The Shared Presentation “Babel” (Live Event) | by Yae Akaiwa & Kensuke Sembo, Artists, New York