This video calls into question who we are as a species in a time of radical change in self-perception and self-identity, vis à vis the upending of the idea of the rational through a collective construction of the mass psychosis tendencies of the internet – a neo “Tower of Babel”. The video will connect these large scale human processes at work to the personal art of David Henry Nobody Jr. | @davidhenrynobodyjr

David Henry Brown Jr. (*1967) is a three-decades deep experimental interventionist performance artist, reality hacker and sculptor who is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Resemblage. How Virtual Reality is Progressively Deconstructing the Self in the Art of a Fabricated Instagram Persona, David Nobody | by David Henry Brown Jr., Artist, New York

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#resemblage, #identity, #postreality, #sculpture, #socialsculpture, #livingsculpture, #bodyvertigo, #politicaldysmorphia