Some questions that will be discussed in the interview:

Your RELOGIA project describes itself as an Art-Science-Technology “Trialogue” – in other words, an open conversation between these disciplines. Can you summarize why you feel that this is such a necessary intervention in the global academic, professional and political worlds at this time?

How do you envisage the RELOGIA developing over the next few years?

How do you view the potential of thinking derived from science and technology to bear fruit in the environment of an art college?

Your paper for MIT Press Journals, "The Music of Human Hormones", is highly technical and mathematical. Can you summarize its key argument for the benefit of a non-scientific audience? Are you suggesting that we are responding to algorithms that are embedded in the very structures of our human DNA, when shaping our emergent identity as creative artists?

Dr Cvetana Ivanova is the founder of RELOGIA – a major international Art-Science-Technology project, with affiliations in CERN, NASA, and the European Union Directorate for Education and Culture. Dr Ivanova is also a Visiting Lecturer on the MA Applied Imagination course, at Central Saint Martins.

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The Music of Human Hormones | by Dr Cvetana Ivanova