The impact of science and technology on contemporary Pop Cultures is immense – so great that sometimes it is difficult to see it in perspective. Technology shapes the culture that we make, as well as the modes in which cultural productions are experienced and shared. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined the myriad ways in which science-based technologies have become inseparable from every part of our cultural life.

The four guest speakers in the "Creative Identities across Art and Science" events are all engaged in exploring how Pop Cultures thrive at the boundaries of what is and what can be technically possible. Their practices range from engaging in scientific research through music (Kelly Snook), the realisation of self-image through technology (Manos Tsakiris), the interplay of micro and macro biological processes in identity and creative expression (Jill Scott), or the suggestion that aspects of our creative and cultural life resonate from the DNA structures that encode and transmit life itself (Cvetana Ivanova).

15.10.2020 Online Lectures

The Music of Human Hormones: Interview with Dr Cvetana Ivanova
Curiosity: Music and Immersive scientific exploration: Interview with Professor Kelly Snook

20.10.2020 Online Lectures

“The Self in the Mind’s Eye”: An illustrated talk with Q&A | by Professor Manos Tsakiris

22.10.2020 Online Lectures

Neuromedia and the Self | by Jill Scott