Tools deals with innovative forms of digital teaching, learning, research, collaboration and exchange across the spectrum of creative disciplines. As a pioneer, Tools explores and tests these formats, collates experiences and advises the Shared Campus theme groups. Therefore, Tools projects work as connecting links between all themes. The central goal of Tools is to support very flexible learning exchanges, to capture and share such learning through a digital platform, and to endorse student experiences from different Shared Campus programmes. Activities of Tools investigate different pedagogic practices, techniques, procedures and methods regarding conception, production, reception and critique in creative education. This is intended to initiate a process of review and revision of current and future teaching, learning, and research methods.

So far, Tools initiated a web-based community platform as well as an academic online journal:

  • Dialogical Repository is an online archive and exchange platform designed for highly interactive learning, reflection and digesting of learnings.
  • KOKO is an independent academic online journal dedicated to the investigation of theories and practices in art and design research by exploring, for example, the relations between media and expression, time and space.