This text reflects upon the staging of political protest as a collective self – upon how different political forces create dramaturgies of antagonism and unity. By taking a closer look at two different protest cultures with their specific mises-en-scène – the video-testimonials, funeral processions and pathos-led storytelling of the emerging Extinction Rebellion movement on one side, the mass mobilizations, siege and provocation tactics of more‚ classical leftist movements on the other – an idealtypical difference of style and self-imaging is identified that is pointing towards a deep difference in the perception of the truth and reality of conflict.

Jorinde Schulz is an author and activist. In her writing, she explores the interfaces between politicophilosophical essay and fiction. With Kilian Jörg, she authored "Die Clubmaschine". She was a fellow at the Nietzsche-Kolleg Weimar, and a grantee of the German Federal Film Board.


#antagonism, #eventisation, #protest, #apocalypse, #stateofexception, #rebellion