Our world is in a state of constant transformation due to political and economic globalisation, technological innovation, urbanisation, and vast social and ecological challenges. In the past twenty years, we have witnessed the emergence of socially engaged art, social design and community-driven creative practices. A great number of artists and designers are operating with an expanded notion of art and organising their creative practices beyond purely aesthetic functions. Social Transformation is centered on the transdisciplinary work with real-life cases in real-life environments including collaborations with the public and non-academic partners. Discovering and defining an own artistic practice is a key element of this theme. Also because the empowerment of both creative practice and practitioners encourages a lively, diverse and independent cultural scene which, in turn, strengthens civil society.

So far, this theme has established a three-week summer school which is designed as an interdisciplinary, practice-based and socially engaged art education programme aware of and interested in local contexts and community involvement. Further activities are to be developed in the coming years.