Critical Ecologies: Ten Thousand Things 萬物 encompasses a myriad of creative practices and discourses concerned with the ecological emergency that the world is facing. Affected by the global crisis are not only our economies, environments and societies, but also our imagination and perception—the way we sense and make sense of our surroundings. Therefore, we consider it urgent to find critical actions and perspectives. Critical Ecologies integrates creative practices that bring together multiple voices, raise awareness, promote systemic thinking and strengthen the bonds between the arts, culture and sustainability.

So far, this theme’s activities consist of a cross-disciplinary teaching exchange among the active partner institutions. The teaching exchange serves to share methodologies, establish new transdisciplinary programmes within existing curricula and allows collaborators to see which threads or topics they want to tackle together in the future.

The Critical Ecologies group invites everyone to join "Conversations with ten thousand things 與萬物對談" bringing together artists and scholars working across diverse fields. Through various lenses including the aesthetic, experiential, historic and artistic, these conversations will show in particular how situated knowledge can provide tools and methods for the world we inhabit.