How can media art offer novel interpretations of the self and human biology through the bio-mimicry of our sensory behaviour at the cellular level? How can we draw analogies between the complex behaviours in this inner space at the microscopic level and the future of our identities in the macro scale?

In a combined online talk and discussion, Jill Scott will explain how inner-space fiction and scientific fact can be experienced by scaling down the human participant to interact with anatomical models based on our five sensory percepts and their behavior. Neuromedia is her own interaction design framework for exploring human beings' sense of touch not only to the digital world of appropriate film and sound loops from art and science, but also help to deepen the self and identity in relation to the environmental and cultural problems both inside us and surrounding us.

Professor Dr Jill Scott is a media artist, an art and science writer and researcher. Currently, she co-directs the LASER Salon in Zurich for Leonardo Society USA. She is professor emerita at the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhdK) in Zürich and founded their Artists-in-Labs Programme in 2000. Her own artwork spans 38 years of production about the human body, behavior and body politics.

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Neuromedia and the Self: Online talk and discussion | by Professor Dr Jill Scott