Streaming is great, cheap and it has lowered the threshold for entering the conversation about pop music. But wait, which conversation? Is there a discourse that makes up for the end of music journalism? The ad budgets now go directly to retailers such as Spotify. Is this what was once meant by "the end of the gatekeeper"? Even more crucial is a straight reversal: streaming is not about the artist, but about the user and her or his taste. At the core of streaming lies a return of the romantic notion of the self and the artist, now embodied by the user. This podcast discusses the implications of this reversal.

Tobi Müller is a freelance author and moderator in Berlin of Swiss origin. His main fields of interest are the performing arts, pop music, the digital transformation.

On Music Streaming: The Consumer as a Spectre of the Romantic Artist Self | by Tobi Müller, Author, Berlin | by Tobi Müller, Author, Berlin


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