In the first part of the video, Betty Apple introduces her art (and music) that focuses on using body politics and performativity as her framework and drawing from her lived experience as a millennial living in post-colonial Taiwan. Her work appropriates symbolic objects from kitsch culture and consumer society as sound and live-streaming elements; mass-produced objects intended for eroticism or entertainment – such as vibrators, underwear or part of a sexbot’s body – are carried inside the body through violent and grotesque means. The second part of the video is an interview that focuses on specific questions of staging, the interaction between the artist and the audience, and the representation of the self in her work.

Betty Apple comes from a millennium generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan. She received her B.A. in theater and her M.A. in new media art at the Taipei National University of the Arts.

Part 1
Performances by Betty Apple:
– "They Sat Eyeball to Eyeball in the Street", Flaneur Festival at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2019
– "Noisexy", Biennale Yogjakarta, 2019 | BIENNALE JOGJA 2019
– "Vibrator of Love Sound 14", The Parliament of Bodies at Bergen Assembly, Bergen, 2019
– "The Rubber Murmaid", Deepopulate 05, Zhongzheng Memorial Hall, Taipei, 2014
– "Adult Game Club", The Wall, Taipei, 2016
Part 2
– Interview with Betty Apple by Daniel Späti

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