The competence of design is in its drafting, the visualization of alternatives. How could things potentially be?

In the context of Global Pop Cultures, we dedicate ourselves to the semiotic, signifying dimension of design. We decode the norms, feelings, and messages hidden behind the visual surfaces that reach us daily from the global mainstream and avant-garde niches.

“Designing the Self” thinks beyond the constructed contradiction of authenticity and artificiality. We are interested in the transitions, the space between the fading borders, between male and female, digital and analog, real and fake, high and low.

The spectrum gathered in the following eight episodes ranges from Bizarre Bodies, Foreign Mangas and Gender Salons to Virtual Identities and Chips Crises as well as Fake Nails and Face Filters.

01.10.2020 Online Lectures

Bizarre Bodies. Digital Body Identities | by Irena Srdanovic

Can the hoodie ever be truly unisex? New narratives for an inconspicuous streetwear item | by Chinouk Filique

Visual Identities. The digital looking-glass self | by Francis Müller

Beauty in techno-expressive times — extended (posthuman) beauty and bodies | by Claudia Rafael

08.10.2020 Online Lectures

Chips, Couch and Crisis. The design of the eating protagonist | by Laura Hansler

Self-reflection in manga by "foreign" artists | by Ito Yu and Yoo Sookyung

How to design post-binary gender images? Impulses for creating an inclusive world | by Larissa Holaschke

Statement Nails. Female Fingertips as a Tool of Self-Empowerment | by Judith Mair