David Ritter, born 1984 in Langenhagen, studied Fine Arts at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart (ABK). After receiving his diploma in 2012 he was a scholar at the transdisciplinary artists' residence Akademie Schloss Solitude. Since 2017 he has been working as an academic associate in the Department of Art at the ABK. His work as an artist focuses on translating current political discourses into different media. These include installations, video essays and lecture performances. His works have been shown at Ifa Galerie Stuttgart, Theater Rampe Stuttgart and ZKM Karlsruhe. His lecture performance "NICHTICH" (2015) won the August-Seeling-Preis. His diploma work "MICHGIBTESNICH" (2012) was presented at the Taipei Biennal in 2012.

How To Disappear Completely – A Practical Guide

Knowing that you could be observed influences your behaviour.
Surveillance leads to conformist thoughts and actions.

Knowing that you could NOT be observed also influences your behaviour.
Invisiblity opens up space for non-conformist thoughts and actions.

In this lecture you will learn:
How to disappear a little bit – become less visible in the digital space.
And how to disappear completely – become invisible online.


#anonymity, #pseudonyms, #surveillance, #identity, #invisibility, #tracking

How to Disappear Completely – A Practical Guide | by David Ritter

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