While images enable a powerful transformation and reconstruction of identities, sound provides an ephemeral yet profound awareness of the self through its reflective, resonant, and immersive characteristics.

Mediated forms of music, with the help of technologies of transduction and amplification such as the phonograph, electric guitar, and the loud speaker, have defined our auditory culture from the last century giving rise to notions of "pop". One can hear the self through mass-produced/distributed music and its collective listening.

Artists working in sound, however, apply a different kind of listening that is both analytical and visceral. Their works address fundamental issues surrounding sound such as the inevitable distance required for listening or the uncanniness of disembodied voices. The self we hear here is personal, expressive, and in constant negotiation.

In this lecture series we have invited exceptional artists working in sound and experimental music. Extended listening and the voice is used for examining ideas of reconciliation, exnomination in the pedagogy of music, creative forms of sound synthesis, and personal connections made during a pandemic.

Featured Artists: Sheryl Cheng, The Formant Brothers (Masahiro Miwa and Nobuyasu Sakonda), Ken Ueno, Wataru Asada

26.11.2020 Online Lectures

03.12.2020 Online Lectures