Introducing text to the Video Presentation by Sheryl Cheung

Sheryl Cheung’s work is driven by various forms of extended hearing that tap into electric pulses traveling through our body, the flow of fluids within plants, or the ontological construct within traditional Chinese medicine. However, what is unique in Cheung’s sound work is that although they are built from artistic concepts and extensive research, they manifest through a visceral sound world that blurs boundaries between what is heard and what is felt. In Cheung’s work, "listening" – the process of interpreting sound, is suspended by an overwhelming sensation of the moment, a constantly renewing experience of the"now." It is a hearing of not just sounds through the ear but of a presence through the whole body – a "here-ing." For this programme Cheung has made a video consisting of her recent performances that highlight a hearing that transgress our binary notions of the internal / external, and humans / non-humans.

Video Presentation by Sheryl Cheung

Sheryl's work, performances and collaborative projects have been shown at Flaneur Festival 2019, Bangkok Biennial 2018, Taipei Biennial 2018, Asian Meeting Festival, Somerset House studios, Osmosis Festival and Chronus Art Center, among others. She has held supported residencies, workshops and research projects in China, UK, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan. Sheryl is a co-founder of, an art project that is currently exploring Taoist-informed mind and body technologies. She currently lives and works in Taipei, where she is an independent artist and writer.

Sheryl Cheung experiments with the idea of the body as an instrument that is continually played by affects. Like an open, metabolic body, her sound palette is vulnerable and harsh at the same time. Sheryl works between experimental music, abstract scoring and writing to explore a materialist understanding of power, emotion and moral order. Her recent research focuses on sound and medicine through the perspective of Chinese ontology.

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