Perpetual Ribbon

Water is the basis of life. If digital technology is used to combine water and intangible Cultural Heritage, could traditional techniques and culture be made more dynamic? The Flowing water. The handcraft and texture of ribbon weaving. Digital expression. Translate the traditional characters which weave on the ribbon into the flowing water and make it solidification and perpetuity.


LAI Yee Ki
GU Yiheng


“Perpetual Ribbon” is based on various interests arising from our previous studies and related interests, such as Oriental pottery, Cultural Heritage studies, sustainable use of resources and future materials. The original idea is to bring together inspirations from the handicraft production of the oriental tradition; more precisely, from the reading of the coloured ribbons handmade by a minority called “SHE”, which are located in the East of China (Zhejiang).

We are thinking about under the background of the rapid development of global integration, how can we preserve the traditional cultural heritage? The concept is translated into a contemporary reading by using the water (source of life) as a metaphorical element. The water is the connector that translates the texture of the ribbon mesh and becomes flowing water. It is also a nexus of a natural and sustainable resource. Water as a dynamic vector brings together the centuries-old Chinese art and craft tradition, made by a vanishing minority, with a futuristic visual through the glass.