Roots of Identity

“Roots of Identity” is a collaborative result of our three individual identities sculpted through soil. By digitally rendering and merging our hand-crafted representations of “roots”, we are connoting a visual connection between our cultures and identity. These manifest our unique interests and roots through a cohesive series of outcomes.


HU Jiayi Kea
SATO Alina


Our group found a common interest in the idea of Asian ceramic moulding. As we further researched the geographical and narrative identities of material culture, we discovered the beauty of regional clay. After contemplating various methods of how we can transfer materials and experiments through a digital platform, we created a manifesto to proceed our project along.

“Go back to the main concept of Roots and Identity”

Instructions of re-re-connecting:

1. Define your soil identity
2. looking for roots through soil
3. build your own roots
4. looks for identity of other people's roots
5. go one step further
6. one more step further

We individually researched into our fields of interest, and collected soil from our current locations. We mixed these unique soils with clay and sculpted it into a visual representation of a “root”. Whilst this process, we each discussed our narratives that go along with our soil and collection experience. We proceeded to digitally scan these objects and merged them into a series of “roots”. Our matrix has helped us identify and visualise our connections, and transcultural exchange.