Tobias Klein (School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong) and Basia Sliwinska (Art History Institute, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal) are inaugurating a new SHARED CAMPUS initiative embedded within the Social Transformation theme group. It is called TALKSHOPS, which are imagined as a series of online (Zoom) gatherings curated and chaired by Basia Sliwinska and Tobias Klein, and led by PhD students from across the Shared Campus community.

TALKSHOPS aim at intriguing participants from inter- and cross-disciplinary backgrounds where social transformation within art&design forms an umbrella for the exchange of ideas. We hope this initiative offers a meaningful platform for peer feedback and support.

Call for expressions of interest

The talkshops are grounded in the practising of social justice, which we believe is foundational to pedagogy rooted in critical thinking. This fosters conditions for social transformation through encouraging learners as agentic political subjects and motivating them to struggle in the interest of more just, free and equal society. In Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom (1994) bell hooks argues for a critical pedagogy that speaks to lived experiences of peripheral and marginalised groups, which is generative of authentic knowledge(s). hooks’ vision is at the core of talkshops departing from hook’s vision of education as the ‘practice of freedom’.

We invite PhD students to express interest in leading one of the talkshops.

While the first talkshop has already found its facilitator (more details to be shared soon), we are looking for facilitators to lead one of the remaining four gatherings. Talkshops can be done individually or in collaboration and the format is open. It is an opportunity to share your PhD research, collaborate and exchange ideas through informal, communal and generous gatherings prioritising dialogue as an instrument for, as proposed by Paulo Freire in Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970), reflection and action.

In 2024 we have scheduled 5 × 1.5h talkshops and while we have set on specific months, the exact dates and times are to be decided and confirmed by the specific talkshop’s facilitator(s). Each talkshop will be adverstised within the SHARED CAMPUS PhD community and will host a maximum of 15 partners in dialogue (there will be an email sign up process).


• TALKSHOP #1 17 May 2024
• TALKSHOP #2 July 2024 *
• TALKSHOP #3 September 2024 *
• TALKSHOP #4 October 2024 *
• TALKSHOP #5 November 2024 *

* exact dates tbc soon; more details to follow


We have created a Google form so please use it to submit your expression of interest:

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting these is: 8th April 2024, noon CET