Dear Chieko


Thursday, 1 June 2023


7:40-8:50 am GMT


Sawako Tanizawa (

Hosted by

Jennifer Teeter, Kyoto Seika University

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The talk will include an explanation of the creation of works using the "kirigami" method, which is often placed on the periphery of art contexts, followed by a discussion of painter Chieko Takamura's encounter with "paper painting," and the context 100 years ago when she was active as an artist in Japan. The talk will then turn to Tanizawa's piece, "Dear Chieko" which she exhibited in 2022.

About the Speaker

Tanizawa Sawako creates works of art with the themes of the liberation of imagination and the female image. In recent years, she has been focusing more on gender issues, and has been paying attention to the rich creative possibilities of kirigami (papercutting) as a medium on the periphery of male-centered art values, which does not require a privileged technique or production site. She has shaken up stereotyped evaluations of female expressionists by presenting works that pay homage to Japanese artist Chieko Takamura. She also continues to collaborate with novelists and artists. She is a member of the artist collective SURE INN.