Since 2020, the Socially Engaged Arts group has been considering decoloniality creative practices in the context of the emerging transcultural and global cooperation platform that is Shared Campus. Embracing nuances, complexity and the limits of such a “borderless” platform, we, the artists/designers/researchers - group members and guests - acknowledge our own decolonial frameworks/positionalities. Engaging in processes of ‘un-learning’ and destabilisation of hierarchical ways of thinking and working, our goal is to engender a ‘decolonised’ Shared Campus, expanded and emancipated with less-visible knowledge systems.

With these in mind, we posit that collaborating with communities beyond academia in non-dominant ways, and building solidarity networks, contributes to a radical pedagogy urgent for the inequitable colonial present. While exploring this assertion collaboratively through online discussions, Happenings and Summer Schools, some of the reoccurring questions have been: How can transnational academic communication be more inclusive? How can we engender new models of communication through the arts? What "social" is being (artistically) engaged with? What is to be (un)learnt within the existing hierarchical, patriarchal and neoliberal system to allow a pluriversal praxis to thrive?

With these questions in mind, in 2023 we will focus on teaching methodologies, pedagogy, practices/praxis, blind spots, unlearning, and how to teach socially engaged arts through a decolonising lens. The purpose is to share from our varied disciplinary approaches, consolidate that learning and then deepen it through teaching socially engaged arts in our Summer School. The Happenings act as a playground and a conduit for exploring ideas that would expand and flow on through to the Summer School program and other future events. We created the Happenings to be gatherings that are different to lectures and talks, for them to be open, fun and engaging!