Streets - Group Show


The online summer school “Streets” explored how decolonization affects public spaces and how social movements are played out locally. Over the course of three weeks, 32 students participated in this digital format with site-based activities.

Forming transcultural groups based on shared thematic interests, the participants reflected on how ownership transforms spaces, which (neo)colonial power structures are visible in the built environment, how identities are shaped and negotiated by street food and fashion, and many more. They reimagined their respective cities, exploring visual, textual and acoustic cityscapes, and presented their group projects in an online exhibition. Additionally, each student completed an individual task, consisting of six “postcards” – personal takes on the theme of decolonizing the urban environment.

The course was led by Kae Amo, Jennifer Teeter, Ayako Fujieda, Evelyn Kwok, Rada Leu (faculty) and Pero Fukuda (assistant) and included presentations and interventions by guest speakers Prof. Oussouby Sacko, Michael Leung, Dr. Shawna Carroll, Dr. Annemarie Bucher, and Kyotographie (Lucille Reyboz and Yusuke Nakanishi).

Faculty Team

Dr AMO Kae
Dr BUCHER Annemarie
Dr KWOK Evelyn
LEU Rada
Prof. Dr LEUNG Mee Ping
LEUNG Michael
TEETER Jennifer Louise

Group Works

Fashion - Hidden Story by TAKAHASHI Ai, PACHECO Andrea, IKAWA Chihiro, KATAYAMA Haruka, MATSUMOTO Reika
all other projects
Food - The Bastardisation of Sushi by YOSHITOME Hana, WANADITYA Kanya P., ITO Ryusei
Landscape - Inner/ Outer Landscape by Gwai (Lee Ka Wai), Wing (Li Wing Yuet), Vanessa (Wee Wen Yu), THOMAS Becca
Languages - No Billing, No Compromise 不准標貼 否定妥協 by CHEUNG John, ZHAO Karlie, ANTOLKOVIC Nickola, XU Scout
Movement - A Walk in the Streets (Individualism reconnection) by SADEK Sara, NAMBIAR Pratibha
Public Spaces / The Commons by XIAO Peng, YUHUI Li (Catherine)
Sound - Wrong Money Wrong City Right Sound by WONG Antonio, MAAG Alan, CHEN An, MOOGZ O’Donnel, KOROTKOVA Nataliia
Transport - Bye Bye Transport, Let’s Take Over the Streets! by SLATER Jessica, PELLAUD Lily, CHEUNG Renee, PENG Katniss

Image credits: No Billing No Compromise HK Bureau, 2021