Arts & Crafts Matters in a Digital Society! - Group Show


The diverse cultural background of the participants was the basis of the collaborative projects that emerged in the Summer School "Arts and Crafts matter in a Digital Society". The works oscillate virtuously between applied use, artistic positions and craft tradition. With innovative approaches and ideas, the interculturally collaborating students reflect on their own view of how arts and crafts and digital aesthetics can interweave to form a dense web of personal and cultural history.

In the process, application-oriented results, artistic-social positions as well as definitions of future craft production and -distribution processes emerged. The focus was always on the duality of digital technologies and craft processes and the participants' own experimentation and exploration.

In addition to the process of global digital cooperation, which was not easy to master, and the different cultural craft traditions in the groups of students led to a fruitful discussion about identity and tradition. Mutual mediation was an important aspect of this. In the end, the results realised with digital printing show the high quality of the individual works in the groups in terms of design and craftsmanship.

Group Works

Intermedial by INAUEN Mirjam, HERTEL Victoria, LE GOFF Laurane
A Shattering, a Gathering by HSU Yun Chu, KIONG Kimberly
Roots of Identity by HU Jiayi Kea, PAN Fei, SATO Alina
Sentinel Species by LAU Tatia Pui Wan, YU Benedict, TURNBULL Josie
ST(H)OME by LEE Kai Zheng, ALVES Ana Beatriz, VIVEIROS Joana
Touch Stones – A modern Mystery by MOU Peijing, BODDENBERG Helena, WHEELER Steve
Our Local, Our Global by NG Chit, CAMIÑA Paula, JONES Jennifer
Perpetual Ribbon by LAI Yee Ki, GU Yiheng, POLLARINI Debra
Jewellennium by LUK Yu Ching, CAO Xiaotai, GUO Rui