Critical Ecologies: Ten Thousand Things 萬物 encompasses a myriad of creative practices and discourses concerned with the ecological emergency facing today's world. Not only our environments, societies, and economies are affected by the global crisis, but also our imagination and perception—how we sense and make sense of our surroundings.

The Critical Ecologies theme group organises every year open conversation series. These conversations bring together artists and scholars working across diverse fields. Through various lenses, including the aesthetic, experiential, historical and artistic, these conversations will explore how situated knowledge can provide useful tools and methods for working in and with our lifeworld. Each vonversation series has a specific thematic focus.

Conversations with Ten Thousand Things 與萬物對談 serve as an ECO chamber, an open space in which we can engage with each other on today's pressing issues.
The conversations started in autumn 2020 and are conceived as an ongoing series of events taking place throughout the academic year as hybrid events (online as well as presential) linked to the teaching exchange of the Critical Ecologies group.