Since 2022 the Critical Ecologies Theme Group offers a summer school exploring the multifaceted world of extractivist practices through the lens of situated artistic practices. In this unique program, participants will critically examine extractivism and its impact on diverse sites, going beyond the material effects to uncover the complex layers that define it.

Through a series of workshops, discussions, and artistic interventions, we explore the intersections between art, activism, and environmental justice. Engaging with local communities and experts, we will challenge conventional narratives and develop innovative tools for understanding and responding to extractivism.

This summer school offers a space for intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, where participants from diverse backgrounds can exchange ideas and collaborate on creative projects.

This summer school os a unique opportunity to be part of a transformative journey that combines critical inquiry, artistic expression, and collective action.

Lerning outcomes

  • Ability to reflect ecological phenomena against the background of cultural traditions.
  • Understand a range of opportunities for discipline-specific practitioners in interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts.
  • Apply collaboration, representation and communication skills for interdiscipli-
  • nary and intercultural engagement.
  • Conduct critical enquiry relevant to an identified issue (such as the notion of ‚extractivism‘), and analyse and evaluate findings.
  • Conceptualise, develop and present creative propositions on how to envision different ways of doing and being in the world in the wake of the ecological crisis.
  • Critically reflect on own contributions to an interdisciplinary undertaking.


Hybrid: A network of companion studios operating at different places investigate similar extractive sites in their local context. Participating students work locally at one of the and exchange online.


The program offers places to students from a wide range of arts and design disciplines, including performing arts, film, music, fine arts, media arts, design, and art education.


The faculty conducting this summer school comes from a variety of artistic and design disciplines as well as from different cultural backgrounds. Each year the team is configured in different constellations and bringing in different local partners.