Part of the Teaching Exchange 2019 was the course "Body & Indigeneity" which took place in Taiwan.

Field Trip: 1 week intensive, six days in Taipei & Taitung, 6 hrs. per day, with lectures and workshops (in collaboration with BDC)

In 2014, indigenous choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava from Taitung, set up his Bulareyaung Dance Company (BDC) in his hometown on the east coast of Taiwan to incorporate more indigenous dancers in his works concerning land reclamation and other issues close to heart.

Ecological concerns are central to the efforts of contemporary dance artists in Taiwan, and they even seek alliance with other indigenous artists abroad, such as the incorporation of a dancer Vaiarii Gaudin from Fiji in the most recent BDC production titled LUNA 路吶 (2018). As part of the course "Bodies & Indigeneity" a field trip to Taitung was planned to visit BDC’s home base. Students had the chance to get in tpuch and conduct fieldwork in the local indigenous community.