Embodying Local Knowledges Critical Ecologies Symposium | Morning Sessions


12. - 13. November 2021


This first conference on contemporary art and ecology in East Asia has brought together creative practitioners, art historians, and researchers working in the fields of ecology, indigeneity, geopolitics, and STS (science and technology studies) in transdisciplinary conversations spanning over two mornings.
The conference included three panels. The first session Art, Ecology, Geology, and Climatology addressed global climatic, ecological, and geopolitical issues in specific geographical locations and socio-cultural fabrics of Tibet, Singapore, Japan, and Canada. The second section Art, Ecology, and Contest Indigeneity centered on the creative initiatives, ethnographic endeavors, and theoretical provocations that strive to illuminate the Indigenous experiences in pan-Asian regions. Lastly, the third panel Art and Microbial Worlds engaged with artistic investigations of the roles of microbes in the soil, human health, food, and culture and discussed microbial ways of knowing and being.
The conference served as the first step in creating a cross-regional network of sustainable collaboration among scholars, researchers and creative practitioners.

Host: Wanwu Practice Group as part of the Embodying Local Knowledges Symposium

Panel 1: Art, Ecology, Geology and Climatology
Art, Ecology, Geology and Climatology
Panel 2: Art, Ecology and Contested Indigeneity
Art, Ecology and Contested Indigeneity
Panel 3: Art and Microbial Worlds
Art and Microbial Worlds