Saturday, November 13


19:30-20:40pm HKT (GMT+8)


Ailton Krenak calls us to summon life to govern the course of this world which has become excessively human. He also invites us to imagine a world which is different from the one we have built. Why can't humans fit into landscapes with moderation and share with all other beings the abundance that the planet offers? Why do humans force themselves to create monumental and excessive structures? Platforms of concrete, steel, and glass made to memorialize those who built them, and destined to become mountains of rubble for future generations. When he came to Japan, Ailton was moved to see how traditional Japanese architecture lands softly on earth, following a metamorphosis of life in the landscape, in its scale, in its use of wood, straw and paper. He invites us to learn how to step softly on the earth, fitting modestly into landscapes by controlling the human race to devour the world.

Keynote: Ailton Alves Lacerda Krenak
Moderator: Dr. Andrea Flores Urushima

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