Friday, November 12


16:20-17:40pm HKT (GMT+8)


Since 2018, Taiwan has been promoting the project “University Social Responsibility Projects (USR).” Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) USR project "Hi-Five Plus: Indigenous Peoples from the Plains of Beitou to the Mountains of Pingtung'' provides an opportunity for faculty and students at TNUA to explore themes of indigeneity and the Anthropocene. In this panel “USR: from Translation to Interpretation,” we invite TNUA professors CHIANG Min-Chin Kay, TU Wei-Cheng, and doctoral student CHUANG Kuo-Hsin, to present on their engagement in local communities. They explore how art can help preserve cultural heritage and transform local knowledge into contemporary interpretation. They will also discuss the possible urgent issues and problems when practicing in the field.

Speaker: Dr. Chiang Min-Chin Kay, Tu Wei-Cheng and Chuang Kuo-Hsin
Moderator: Dr. Chang I-Wen

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