KOKO activates the potentials of visual, audio and text-based formats as next generation means for research production. Where the more conventional formats have exhausted their possibilities, artists, designers and other creatives may create a metaphorical space for exchange between the researcher and her subject. Therefore, KOKO encourages experimental speculative research beyond the limitations of disciplinary perspectives to facilitate ideas, positions, and contributions into diverse dimensions of knowledge. KOKO seeks to develop and publish research that promotes a culture of sharing, open distribution, and the ongoing exchange of ideas, without losing sight of rigorous academic practice. It engages in the creation of a body of critical and reflexive contributions with a breadth and depth of thought that will produce new knowledge, creative methodologies, and substantiated understanding. KOKO not only challenges and re-considers traditional research and publication formats, but aims at establishing new standards in academic publishing. The KOKO prototype, developed in 2019, may be visited at koko.zhdk.ch.