Teleprovisation - Group Show


With the Telematic Connection between three hubs (Singapore, Zurich, Kioto), more than 21 students have developed a final performance, where three groups were performing and interacting for a physical present as well as online connected audience during this 10 day Summer School.

Teleprovisation explores the creation of a distributed and simultaneous performance across physical stages and timezones with the method of improvisation. Improvisation is taught as a methodology for gaining a deeper understanding of the manifold layers shaping communication, creativity, and art-production.

In Zurich, the combination of external students from London and Hong-Kong resulted in the Summer-School. After the joint telematic sessions between ZHdK, Seika and LaSalle, there was an offline afternoon program in Zurich where the international group of students were given tasks or could develop their own formats.

Faculty Team

LIPPIT Takuro Mizuta
YASUDA Masahiro
BURGER Benjamin
ZIEGLER Matthias
O'DWYER Timothy

Credits: Kara Eurich