Understanding the world we live in is complex. It’s an intricate network of relations: We are bound and tied to our body, family, friends, societal structures, culture, animals, plants or objects. "Bonds & Ties" visualizes the fluidity of the transition between voluntary bonds and restrictive ties and asks where the tipping points are. At the same time, the performances and installations pin down certain attachments, norms and covenants of our daily life, society and the arts.

Exhibited Work

Dopamine’s Present


What attracts our eyes? Are we attracted by the appearance of an object by the first sight? Can we escape the judgement that we make in our mind? Are we cheating ourselves? What if we had lower expectations? Would everything be more exciting?

Collaborating Artists: Gloria HERTIG, LIU Shiyan 刘诗言, MA Kam Leung 马锦樑


Performance Installation

Did I sleep well last night?
Am I afraid of going to sleep?
Am I disappointed when I cannot see the tiger in the zoo, because he is sleeping?
Can absence be present?
Can I be bored while sleeping?
Can I imagine time being absent?
Where do I go when I sleep?
Can I recall what happened today last year?
Can something that was never there be absent?
Do you need a bag for more?
How much less is more?
What am I missing while reading this?
Do I need more questions?
Am I expecting more?

Collaborating Artists: Rafael GIL CORDEIRO, Brooke JACKSON, Rose Zi-Rui LI 李子蕊, Nuriia KHASENOVA, QIAN Yuxuan 钱宇轩

OVER Office of Voluntary Essential Riddance

Self-Help Office

You know all that clutter is there. You know you need to get rid of the things that have stopped being useful a long time ago.
But you keep finding ways to ignore or procrastinate on it, and that’s reducing your attention and priority away from where it should be.
You can relate to the above? We are here to help! Visualization is Key: Imagine the life you want to live Imagine a life free from what’s holding you back.
All are welcome at the Office of Voluntarily Essential Riddance We will help you decide carefully Your life – Your choice Help us help you. Purely voluntary.
Come for a free consultation TODAY!

Collaborating Artists: FU Lingbo 傅令博, Nick NG 黄俊鹏, Kian SCHWABE

See You Again

Live Stream, Internet Performance, Video Work

Should I stay or should I go. To be. Or not to be. There. Everything that might have happened.
In this given time of uncertainties Bou1 is working with the absence of people. A live stream is a working tool to bridge physical distance. It is a contemplation over the empty space of the absent body. It opens the imagination of what might have happened if...
Two weeks live stream work: some of the people cannot join the programme. We stream the absence of them: in the train, in the hotel bed, in the restaurant. We interact and imagine experiences that we would have shared with the people not being here.

Collaborating Artists: Bou1

Tear Up

Room Installation, Performance

A space: fracture. inconsistency. gap. some things we can feel but cannot see. parallel universes. missing puzzle piece. (why capital letter?) incomplete - Dai2 is exploring the ( *), the missing. To fill the gap with new meaning through imagination – What do you see?

Collaborating Artists: Dai2

Welcome to My Live - 播间

Live Performance, Installation

Welcome to My Live - 播间 is a real time performance that will be live streamed using the performers’ private social media channels such as tiktok or instagram. The performance is a reaction of how nowadays identity circulates through social media and how easily identities can be adopted.
How are traditional aspects translated into these new forms of identification? What will the younger generation leave behind? What will be appropriated from outside and proclaimed as their new identity? Based on the performers different cultural and artistic background they reflect on their personal search for identity. Through their transcultural approach the artists use make-up and dance movements to reveal the similarities of traditional Chinese dance and other subcultures, such as the queer community. By merging these different spheres and their visual codes, the performance sparks critical debate on the ideas of beauty standards and social phenomenas.

Collaborating Artists: CHEN Zhenglang 陈正朗, LEI Xuan 雷萱, Lena SEEFRIED, Milos STOLIC

What’s Next (AT/WT)

Installation, Bar and Performance Structure

In this work, we aim to explore on the idea of what remains of us as human beings, how methods of communication evolve through different times as well as how information intertwines and reshapes itself in time. In a once abandoned space, we attempt to play with the poetics and aesthetics of modern day city lights and advertisements within an organic structure situated in between the indoor and the outdoor. The audience are invited to have a drink and wait for the structure to initiate an interactive act or simply to fall apart under the unpredictable weather conditions. What would be the remains of the remaining?

Collaborating Artists: Raúl CASTRO ESTÉVEZ, Cindy CHENG I-Hsin 郑宜欣, Timo RADDATZ, JiaYu WU 伍嘉裕