Treasured Trash

TREASURED TRASH was inspired by the notion of relics which raises up the question of concentration and value of everyday objects. It quilted eight people’s personal details in tedious non-readable english and a folding-guide design line. Once it was been folded, it becomes a superfluous rubbish paper folded unconsciously from paper heap. The configuration of information and the camouflage of the postcard functionality provides it as an experiment exploring the gap between trash and treasure.

Artist Bio

WENG Jingwen

Jingwen Weng is a London-based curator fascinated by the fantasy, mutation, and different kinds of existence with the possible routes of scientific, mediumistic, and novelistic. Her research is driven by man's irreversible transformation of the natural world, and how nature and culture are becoming inseparably intertwined which also evokes mythology, folklores, fairy tales, and Eros. She is eager to continue the story of mutated creatures and objects or the possible livings in human society which has been non-stoppedly re-written thousands of times till nowadays.