The Message from No Time

It all started when I discovered letters and files in my grandfather's house after he passed away. I was able to witness the social shifts and political upheavals that the older generation in China lived through because of these materials. In that unfathomable social context, they repressed their sentiments and emotions. As a descendant of theirs, I gathered these historical letters, archived them on postcards, put my messages to them on the postcard, and returned it to them. It's a postcard that will travel through time and space, and I'm hoping it will arrive where I want it to.

Artist Bio

WU Xiuyi

Xiuyi (Joii) Wu is a Chinese artist now enrolled in the Global Art Practice program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Her efforts are mostly concerned with societal concerns such as cultural paradoxes, gender stereotypes, and educational issues. The works are mostly digital and conceptual video-based, and she enjoys experimenting with mediums in order to thoroughly immerse her audience in her work.