Saying Goodbye to beloved Hong Kong

Hongkongers, go or stay? Immigration has suddenly become a subject that every Hongkongers must study. This is a series of photos taken at Hong Kong International Airport on June 30. Many Hongkongers worry that there will be new suppression actions from CCP. They chose to leave Hong Kong and emigrate to other countries as soon as possible before the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong - July 1.

Artist Bio

MUN Lee Wing

The Letters of Fu Lei to his Son, “first person, second artist.” Lee Wing Mun is a native Hongkonger. Over the years, she rethinks the history of the city and the power of art. Emphasizing the purity and autonomy of art, her works are based on the exclusion of political power interference. She wished to publish works of art on political/ social realities in order to say what she wanted to say.