Manipulation of the GAP

Lost in the all interconnectivity, 'D' seeks to find a way. We are never in control. Even as we try to control. Armed, stupid and dangerous. The illustration here is a sketch made by Tzang in a stream of consciousness style while listening in to the lectures in the Art of the Gap. For the postcard, Tzang chose to carry a 'stamp' created by fellow participant Claire Weiner as a way to show how interconnected we are, and how we carry each other's ideas in our own work, even as we fight our own battles.

Artist Bio

TONG Tzang Merwyn

Tzang Merwyn Tong is a Singapore-based writer, educator, underground filmmaker with an interest in philosophy, culture, society and myth. He is currently an MA student in Arts Pedagogy and Practice at Goldsmiths University. His films have been screened in Rotterdam, Berlin, Montreal, Lund and Tel Aviv.