Foil Relic No. 1

This is an art of the gap relic. Created with reused aluminium foil which will take hundreds of years to decompose, it’s also a relic of the anthropocene. While the material will last, the marks can be smoothed and erased in moments. This possibility for transformation is deeply interesting to me.Alongside this digitally printed postcard and video projection, I’ve sent a series of postcard experiments that may or may not arrive. They feature other-than-human ecosystems or Maxie, my dog are made from different materials: foil, canvas and SCOBY = a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. This living system grows on the top of kombucha (from a brewer in the village next to me). It is a renewable organic material that I have dried into parchment but can be rehydrated. Unlike foil, it’s completely biodegradable and exists in a different space-time. If they don’t turn up they’ll be another gap, if they do they may have been transformed by their journey (one was coated with cyanotype so will respond to the light it encounters). These different materials allow for a different kind of understanding.

Artist Bio


Lucy is an interdisciplinary artist studying MA Art & Science at Central Saint Martins with a background in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method. Through her eyes, art, science and philosophy are all one thing. She is fascinated by light and colour, painting and drawing with found materials. Lucy’s currently investigating the patterns of connection and communication between humans and other-than-humans, which exist at different levels of observation throughout the universe: from mycelium networks, to neural pathways, to the structure of the internet and the distribution of light and dark matter in the cosmos. Based in the countryside in the U.K, Lucy takes inspiration from their other-thanhuman surroundings to question human constructs and imagine different futures.