We are extended our existence into the grey-land wired through the screen. In this world, there is no physics to obey, such as gravity, geological restrictions, or single timelines. The algorithm is the new nature. The pixels are the new skin. Neutral grey #7f7f7f is the new earth color. Inspired by the physicality of the required communicated agency with the postcard and the virtuality of practice wired through the screen during the project of "Art of the Gap", It is an experiment to look for the new materiality, the new aesthetics, as well as the new existence in the immaterially fabricated space.

Artist Bio


I am fascinated by nature and how the world of things work. My current core practice is dedicated to understanding and exploring the complexities between the built environment and nature. I am also examining how culture and technology affect them in the modern age. The methods I use are usually research-based, material, fictional narratives, and thoughts experiment. I create contemporary ‘visuality’ in the form of mixed- and trans- media. My work gradually shifts to focus on mediations between individuals, art, science, and nature.