1868, Old globe

The light that reaches us from stars 153 light years away is the light that the stars emitted 153 years ago. This can be rephrased that looking at the light of stars in the night sky is related to looking at the past. This is like looking at photographs of things existed in the past. This postcard image is a photograph of Japan on an old globe. It shows a trace of historical event of the country in 1868. I imagine that our planet or world would probably look like this old globe if we looked at it from stars 153 light years away at present.

Artist Bio

KEN Shimizu

Born 1981, in Yokohama, Japan. Graduated from Royal Melbourne institute of Technology (BA Photography). Shimizu Ken now lives and works in Yokohama, Japan. Shimizu makes photographs, video and installation artworks. His artworks are often exploration of extending photography theme in different approaches with other media and mixed materials. He is currently completing an MFA at Tokyo University of the Arts.