Workshop 15: Six Degrees of Separation: Curatorial Practice/Objects of Desire

With Alison Green and Lee Weinberg (Central Saint Martins, UAL)


Sunday, 27 June 2021


1:00–4:00pm CEST / 7:00–10:00pm HKT



Maximum number of Participants



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Between any two people in the world, there apparently are only six degrees of separation. This metaphor speaks to the potentiality of networks and connections between any given grouping of peoples — even those who start as strangers. This is a point of departure in a workshop exploring how some of Donna Haraway’s working concepts: oddkin, situated knowledge and transitional justice — can be used in the context of curatorial practice, to renew or reform ways of selecting, organising and presenting our relationship with objects.

The workshop will centre on the personal and political charges of ‘objects of desire’ as a key pivot around which traditional human psychology understands relationships. We will discuss and possibly test core curatorial practices with an awareness of differences in knowledge, position and situation.

Through speculation-design and discussion, we aim to unpack ‘desire’ in its relationship to politics of extraction and power. The workshop’s aim is to reflect on and find ways to move beyond models such as: ‘wanting-having-taking’ to modes that are not extractive, imperial or hegemonic. Within this we also acknowledge aim to learn, together, how to learn to hold space for discomfort, and, as Donna Haraway suggest ‘stay with the trouble’.

About the Speakers

Alison Green

Lee Weinberg