Workshop 14: Digital Choreography

With Be van Vark


Sunday, 27 June 2021


1:00–4:00pm CEST / 7:00–10:00pm HKT



Maximum number of Participants



Please register until 24th June 2021 with your university’s account HERE


For a long time the body was neglected based on the split of body and mind in the philosophical discourse from Enlightenment onwards. People in general know more about many other things, than about what is going on underneath their skin, how to inhabit their body. To inhabit your body is inhabiting your brain, inhabiting your life.

Through all the decision-making movement and particular dance demands: go right, go left, up down, turn, jump, bend the knee, hip, head …, we experience a firework of neutrons, which spark new brain cells and their connections. Research shows that these connections are responsible for acquiring knowledge and thinking.

Dance is communication, connects us with the other, balances us not only physically and more so dancing we open ourselves, assure ourselves of our existence.

In the workshop we will re-connect body and brain. The focus of the workshop is on practice. We do breathing-, body awareness- and perception exercises. We improvise, we listen, speak, try out, create.

About the Speaker

Be van Vark (she) based in Berlin. Choreographer and lecturer.

The range of her choreographic work is characterized by a passion for bringing together different people and styles, for moving both one and hundreds of people, and for developing projects for the stage as well as for urban spaces. In 2018 she was awarded the Cross of Merit Member (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande) by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for her work. The laudatory speech gets to the heart of her work and the systemic relevance of culture in general –it says: "Be van Vark shows that culture is not an elitist luxury pursuit, but part of the existence of every human being."