Workshop 06: Round table discussion "Transposition"

With Ron Yakir, Li Xiaoqiao and Rose Li and Shum Quan Yi (MPhil & PhD researchers, HKBU)


Saturday, 27 June 2021


1:00–4:00pm CEST / 7:00–10:00pm HKT


TaiKwun + Zoom

Maximum Number of Participants



Registrations open until the workshop starts HERE


This round table investigates the way in which the essence of diverse artistic practices could be manifested through transposition - the application of the essential nature of one domain to another. How are common viewpoints engendered? In response to this question, the presenters reflect upon their respective research and practices: Ron Yakir investigates ‘Phantom Physicality’, in which the mirroring of proprioception and experience-based digital representation took place. Li Xiaoqiao deciphers the digital print matrix via a dialogue between analogue and digital imprint. Rose Li traces the links between traditions of Jyut Kek and contemporary art, in particular performance. Together with the presenters, participants will be invited to apply a process of transposition to their own practices using the suggested methodologies and to share their discourses subsequently.

About the Speakers

Rose Li, Phd Candidate:
Li Xiaoqiao, PhD Student:
Shum Quan Yi, MPhil Student:
Ron Yakir, PhD Student: