Workshop 02: Curatorial Pitch Karaoke

With Gesyada Siregar and Angga Wijaya (Ruangrupa/Gudskul)


Friday, 25 June 2021


1:00 – 4:00pm CEST / 7:00 – 10:00pm HKT



Maximum number of Participants



Please register until 24th June 2021 with your university’s account HERE


Curatorial Pitch Karaoke is a game hosted by Angga Wijaya and Gesyada Siregar of GUDSKUL, where participants present an improvised curatorial idea based on images and texts from a powerpoint they have not seen before. It provides a judgement-free zone, where participants are urged to articulate artworks and concepts spontaneously. They will also have a short Q&A with other presenters to discuss their speculative pitch. GUDSKUL will use randomized slides from their collectives’ past presentation materials about collectivity, public art, tacit knowledge, and unconditional design products by the communities in Indonesia. Curatorial Pitch Karaoke is an exercise of collaborative nature in GUDSKUL's way, where everyone will be listened to and have their knowledge entangled with others, in a casual and humorous setting.

In 2018, ruangrupa, Serrum and Grafis Huru Hara initiated GUDSKUL: Contemporary Art Collective and Ecosystem Studies, a public learning space. GUDSKUL is designed as a collective working simulation study space that promotes the importance of critical and experimental dialogue through a sharing process and experience-based learning. GUDSKUL is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. More in

About the Speakers

Angga Wijaya is a curator, writer and art teacher. He works collectively with Serrum. At Gudskul, Angga teaches the subject Collective Arts Review, mapping the development of collective art practices. Angga initiated an art project with curatorial work covering research about issues around the social and cultural sphere of women. Angga is also part of Kolektif Kurator Kampung, a collective of curators with art activities in urban and rural spaces.

Gesyada Siregar is a curator, writer and art organizer. She studied Fine Arts in the Jakarta Institute of Arts. Her curatorial, publication, and art projects are focused on showcasing young artists, Indonesian 1940-1990s art archives, exploring pedagogical methods, experiential storytelling, and games. She is part of ruangrupa - Komplotan Jakarta 32°C - division focusing on university students networking in contemporary art. She is the subject coordinator of Articulation & Curation in Gudskul.