Situating the Gap

With Angela Dimitrakaki


Sunday, June 27


10:00–11:10am CEST / 4:00–5:10pm HKT




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The lecture will seek to address the persistent divide between aims and realisation in relation to art and curating as opposed to the real conditions of life. These conditions pertain to the subjectivities placed either as the public or as the subject-matter of artistic/curatorial practices. This divide between aspirations and what actually happens emerges in a culture that, overall, forces a rescripting of political imperatives as ethical frameworks. What are the values that define this transition? Is the gap a matter of 'how we get to know' or 'what we know as opposed to what we should or could know'? What is the quality of the gap - how can it be described philosophically and historically? Why is the gap reproduced and what does this have to do with social reproduction as defined in contemporary theory? These are some of the questions that will provide the starting point/s of reflections while also taking into account the perception that we live and work in various degrees of a 'state of emergency'.

About the Speaker

Angela Dimitrakaki is a writer and art historian working across Marxism and feminism. Her books include Gender, ArtWork and the Global Imperative (2013), Politics in a Glass Case (2013, co-edited with L. Perry) and Economy (2015, co-edited with K. Lloyd). She co-edited the special issues on social reproduction and art (2017) and antifascism/art/theory (2019) for Third Text. She directs the MSc in Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of Edinburgh.