KOKO – The Next Generation Journal

KOKO – The Next Generation Journal is an independent academic publication dedicated to the investigation of theories and practices of alternative knowledge systems that explore the relations between media and expression, time and space.

Where the more conventional formats have exhausted their possibilities, artists, designers and/or other creatives may use KOKO to create a metaphorical space for exchange through an externalised conversation between the researcher/creative practitioner and her subject.

To this aim, KOKO seeks to publish new research that promotes a culture of sharing, open distribution, and the on-going exchange of ideas, without losing sight of rigorous scholarly practice. It engages in the creation of a body of critical and reflexive contributions – in any form and/or medium – with a breadth and depth of thought that will produce new knowledge, creative methodologies, original applications, and substantiated understanding. KOKO not only challenges and re-considers traditional research, and publication formats, but aims at establishing alternative new standards, conventions, and protocols in academic publishing.

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Journal for Global Pop Cultures

The Journal for Global Pop Cultures is an online open access journal and dissemination platform. The aim of the journal is to address the complexity, hybridity, and transculturality of global pop cultures. No longer confined to entertainment and youth cultures, global pop cultures oscillate between art and entertainment, criticism and affirmation, markets and non-commercial sectors, underground (sub)cultures and university courses. With that said, pop cultures can be counted among the most salient driving forces in the globalization, hybridization and innovation of cultures at large. Pop is a sphere where not only politics, identities, economies, and social questions are negotiated, but also where Pop itself is perpetually reflected and redefined. The journal explores these complexities in three sections: 1) a peer-reviewed section dedicated to the publication of research papers/projects, both scholarly and artistic ones, in annual thematic issues ("Journal"), 2) a thematically linked more playful magazine section intended for a broader public ("Magazine"), 3) the section "Insights" which showcases pop-related artworks from the Shared Campus partner institutions.

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