"It is the only musical art where the entire "score" is merely the self and the others, and the space and moment where and when this happens. Improvisation is the only musical art which is predicated entirely on human trust and love." - Alvin Curran

Summer School Improvise! is an immersive experience in spontaneous sound making, instant composing, concentrated listening, social empathy, creativity, and collective music making. Throughout, participants engage in critical thinking through sound by improvising in large ensembles using the "live-composing" techniques of conduction and soundpainting; small group interaction, developing skills in listening, instant composing, and the ability to develop group cohesion in free improvisation; and importantly, intensive work on the development of personal sound languages using extended techniques and technology. Students learn about the context of this approach through documentaries, listening sessions, and feedbacks on their work, and take part in nightly concerts in collaboration with the faculty. Summer School Improvise! is an intensive course in exploring different improvising languages, conveying skills and confidence to interact and collaborate in a broad range of performance situations.