We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 3rd issue of our upcoming Journal of Global Pop Cultures on the subject of:

Death of Pop / Death in Pop

We invite theoreticians and artistic researchers to submit papers on death in Pop as well as the death of Pop for the peer-reviewed section of the Journal of Global Pop Cultures or its open, experimental magazine part. Contributions to this issue may relate to, but are not limited to, the following questions:

  • How is death represented in historical and contemporary pop artifacts?
  • Which pop genres are particularly concerned with death and how do they approach the topic?
  • How has the contemporary polycrisis, with its implications of death, suffering, and extinction, influenced pop culture(s)?
  • What future scenarios of dying and death can be observed in pop culture(s)?
  • How do subcultures and countercultures address dying and death in comparison to mainstream pop culture(s)?
  • What new and up-coming styles, genres or communities that make death the subject of creative debate can be currently observed?
  • How do pop cultures muse about their own (metaphorical) life and death?

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions!

Submission Deadline for Abstracts

12 June 2024

Submission Deadline for Papers

15 September 2024

Link to Journal


You can find the detailed call at the download link below.