Hacking Global Pop Icons - Group Show


For the third edition of the Hacking Global Icons Summer School, students selected global pop Icon Billie Eilish as a common starting point for cultural analysis and the production of new artworks.

This year's Hacking Global Pop Icons Summer School was hosted by faculty from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Zurich University of the Arts and University of the Arts London. International art and design students came together online to work, hack, re-imagine and ponder on the significance of the global pop icon, Billie Eilish.

Students from partner universities in Europe and Asia collaborated to generate ideas and explore and hack the pop icon Billie Eilish. Students worked in groups, coming up with a variety of projects, working across form and media. Projects included a Tumblr blog about Billie, an app about experiencing your favourite pop Idols at 360°, an interactive video exploring the attention economy and distracted states, and Instagram filters that users could choose and perform various Billie persona’s.


We are pleased to announce the design and launch of a website documenting work made by students in this year’s summer school. The website was made by two participating students Ka Wa Lee and Krystine Wen.

Link to the website here.

Faculty Team

BUCHER Claudio
Dr CHOW Yiu Fai
NG Kingsley
WONG Justin