25 August 2023


11.00 - 12.15 CET


via Zoom Live from Kyoto

onsite in Zurich, Toni Areal, Pfingstweidstr. 96, 8005 Zürich - Kammermusiksaal 1 - Room 5.K13

attend online ZOOM LINK


Atticus Sims, a Specially Appointed Associate Professor at Kyoto Seika University's Faculty of Media Creation, is an artist specializing in digital media, including VR, generative systems, and AI. With a keen focus on the convergence of Art, Technology, and Consciousness, his current research combines affective computing with generative AI, exploring connections between human emotions, creativity, and intelligence. Additionally, he is investigating how arts universities can incorporate rapidly evolving creative technologies to reflect the transformative impact AI tools are having in creative industries.

Michael Whittle, an artist, lecturer, and researcher, holds an MA from the Royal College of Art and a PhD from Kyoto City University of Arts. With a background as a Biomedical Scientist, his work weaves together scientific research and art. With a keen interest in AI advancements, Whittle recently collaborated with AI researchers to develop an algorithm that extracts poetic phrases from scientific papers. Co-creating with the AI, he edited a collection of poems composed solely of scientific literature. He is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Masahiro Yasuda is a professor at the Faculty of Media Creation, Kyoto SEIKA University, specialised in Popular Music Studies. He conducted a comparative study of hip hop scenes in Paris and Tokyo for his Ph. D.. at University of Leicester. Writing and translating extensivly on global music industries and local music scenes and histories and geographies of music and comunication technologies. He is currently interested in online interactive music/performance, political ecologies of music and musical implication of sociological resonance. He is a membre of the editorial board for Shared Campus' Journal of Global Pop Cultures.

And our international students:

Ching Fok, MA student in Printmaking [Hong Kong]
Xia Shang, BA student in Architecture [China]
Tim Kento Zbinden, BA student in Printmaking [Switzerland]