25 August 2023


18.30 - 19.30h CET


onsite in Zurich, Toni Areal, Pfingstweidstr. 96, 8005 Zürich - Kunstraum - Room 5.K12


Viscera, the new release by Magda Drozd, means innards. Something that goes under the skin - hidden inside the body and difficult to understand. For the musician, the production of music is closely connected to this feeling, because she often does not make musical decisions through long thought. Gut feeling, instincts and intuition play a large role. Visceral, deep, instinctive, and subjective.

On Viscera, pulsating, sensual textures, diverse synthetic and organic timbres, lightly orchestral passages, choral melodies, fragile voices and dreamy violin motifs meet dramatic twists, danceable beats, strongly manipulated driving violin sounds. Stubborn sounds, noise and field recordings are an omnipresent element, appearing in various shades and densities in the opening up of unfamiliar worlds.

After ‘Songs for Plants’ and ‘18 Floors’, ‘Viscera’ is the artist's third release on the Lucerne label Präsens Editionen.